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Is a Ceiling Shower Head the Perfect Fit for Your Bathroom?

Nov 09,2023 | MONDAWE

I. A Ceiling Shower Head Is an Upgrade

Mondawe's Ceiling Shower Heads

Mondawe's Head Shower System 

Looking to give your bathroom an upgraded, spa-like feel? A ceiling shower head could be the ideal renovation for creating a more open, contemporary space to start your days refreshed. With its overhead spray raining straight down on you, a ceiling-mounted shower head offers total coverage. But before installing one, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons to decide if it’s the right fit.

A ceiling shower head gives you more flexibility in directing the water where you want it. The open shower design creates a clean, sleek look that makes the most of natural light. Let's explore the key benefits and considerations of this popular bathroom upgrade.

II. Ceiling Shower Heads Benefits a Lot

More Spacious and Open Feel

more spacious feel by Mondawe's ceiling shower head

Mondawe's Ceiling Mount Shower System 

One of the best reasons to install an overhead shower is it makes your bathroom more open and airy. By moving the shower head off the wall, you eliminate a bulky fixture taking up visual space. This helps create an airier vibe in smaller bathrooms. The lack of wall attachments also gives tile, glass, or other surfaces room to shine. And this prevents a bulky fixture protruding into already limited room. The minimal footprint helps maintain an airier, less crowded ambiance.

Better Water Coverage and Pressure

better water coverage and pressure of ceiling shower head

Mondawe's Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head System

With a shower head overhead, water cascades straight down over your entire body. This gives more complete coverage than a wall-mounted one angled from the side. The downward spray pattern lets water reach every inch, immersing you fully. Ceiling heads also typically provide stronger water pressure for a luxurious, spa-like shower.

Contemporary and Sleek Look

sleek look of shower heads in the ceiling

Mondawe's sleek shower head in ceiling

If you’re looking for a modern, sophisticated bath design, a ceiling shower head beautifully fits the bill. The minimalist style instantly gives bathrooms a clean, upscale feel. Unobstructed walls and sleek metal finishes of ceiling heads enhance this contemporary aesthetic.

Flexible Arm Allows Adjusting Direction of Water

ceiling shower head with adjusting direction of water

Mondawe's adjustable ceiling shower head

One advantage over stationary wall heads is the ability to move the overhead spray. A ceiling shower head has an adjustable arm that lets you adjust the direction of water flow. This added flexibility makes it easy to position the shower exactly where you want it.

III. Why People Hesitate to Install a Ceiling Shower Head?

Requires Proper Mounting to Ceiling Support

Ceiling shower heads can't simply screw into drywall like wall-mounted ones. Proper installation requires securely attaching to ceiling joists or other structural supports. This usually involves locating studs and drilling holes for mounting bolts. If your ceiling lacks adequate reinforcement, significant work may be needed.

To solve the problem, you can follow the steps.

  1. Locate the Ceiling Support: Dentify the exact position of the ceiling support where you intend to mount the shower head. This may involve using a stud finder or consulting building plans if available.
  2. Prepare the Mounting Area: Ensure that the area where the shower head will be mounted is clean and free from any obstructions. If necessary, use a suitable ladder or platform to access the ceiling safely.
  3. Use a Mounting Bracket: Depending on the design of the shower head, you may need a mounting bracket to secure it to the ceiling support. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the bracket correctly.
  4. Secure the Shower Head: Once the mounting bracket is in place, carefully attach and secure the shower head to the bracket according to the provided guidelines. Double-check that it is firmly fixed to the ceiling support.
  5. Test for Stability: After installation, test the stability of the shower head by gently applying pressure and ensuring that it does not move or sway. Make any necessary adjustments to the mounting if needed.

More Difficult to Install than Wall-Mounted

Speaking of installation, ceiling heads require much more effort and skill to set up correctly. The process is far more complex than a basic wall model. Unless you're highly handy, it likely requires hiring a professional to mount properly.

You can try the following steps to improve. Installing a ceiling shower head can be simplified by careful planning and preparation. Assess the ceiling layout, ensure sufficient space for installation, and use a stable platform for safe access. Securely install a mounting bracket or arm to provide a stable base, and use proper sealing materials to prevent water leakage. If the installation presents challenges, consider seeking professional assistance from a plumber or experienced installer. With these steps, the process of installing a ceiling shower head can be made more manageable and efficient.

Can Be More Expensive than Wall-Mounted

Get ready for added costs if choosing a ceiling shower head. The fixtures themselves tend to cost more, given their premium materials and mechanisms. Factor in mandatory pro installation, possible structural work, and related expenses. It often adds up to several hundred dollars extra versus sticking with a wall head.

The cost disparity between ceiling and wall-mounted shower heads can be addressed by considering a few factors. Firstly, research and compare different brands and models to find a ceiling shower head that fits your budget. Additionally, assess the installation requirements – while ceiling-mounted units may require additional hardware and labor, they can often provide a luxurious and spa-like experience, offering value for the investment. It's also beneficial to consult with a professional to understand the overall costs involved and explore any potential cost-saving measures without compromising on quality. By carefully evaluating these aspects, it's possible to mitigate the cost difference and make an informed decision based on both budget and desired shower experience.

Low Ceilings May Limit Adjustability

Ceiling mounted shower heads need adequate height for the arm extension to angle the spray. In bathrooms with shorter ceilings, you may not have the range to adjust direction as much. Make sure to measure before buying so the model works in your space.

Measure the ceiling height and buy an overhead shower arm to match. Standard lengths are 6, 8, 10 inches but custom or adjustable arms allow more flexibility.

IV. Who Should Install a Ceiling Shower Head?

ceiling rain shower head

Mondawe's Luxury Shower Head 

Given the considerations, a ceiling shower head makes the most sense for:

Homeowners remodeling medium-sized and larger bathrooms

The more open layouts and higher ceilings typical in bigger baths best accommodate overhead showers. Make sure it fits aesthetically and functionally.

Those wanting an open, contemporary bathroom aesthetic

If sleek, modern design is your goal, this style of shower perfectly aligns. The minimalist look helps create a polished spa vibe.

People seeking strong water flow and full coverage

One of the biggest perks is enjoying total water coverage. If you want shower pressure that envelops your whole body, overhead is ideal.

Bathrooms with tile or other water-resistant ceiling materials

The ceiling surface must be able to withstand any stray water droplets. Tile, glass, or moisture-proof drywall areuitable options. Avoid wood or other materials that could mold.

Ⅴ. A Ceiling Shower Head is the Perfect Fit for Your Bathroom!

Carefully consider your needs and bathroom particulars before deciding. An overhead shower takes effort and investment, yet rewards with beautiful aesthetics and blissful showers. If the look and function fit your home, go for it. Just be sure to plan installation carefully using the tips above. With the right prep and execution, a ceiling fixture can be the crowning jewel of your dream bathroom.