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Are LED Bathroom Mirrors Really Worth the Investment?

Nov 09,2023 | MONDAWE

LED Bathroom Mirrors are a relatively new innovation for bathroom upgrade. Many people are considering to buy one for their room. But are they really worth for buying? I'll be the first one to vote for it, please just read on to learn more!

Everything You Need To Know About LED Bathroom Mirrors

popular led bathroom mirror

Even you haven't used any kind of LED Bathroom mirror, you must have heard of them. Classy, stylish, life quality improver...all of these are used to decribee LED bathroom mirror. Why it can be so popular? 

What is an LED Bathroom Mirror?

LED, which stands for light-emitting diode, refers to a type of solid-state lighting used in many electronics.

As the name suggests, LED bathroom mirrors use LED lights around the frame of the mirror to provide bright, adjustable illumination directly on the mirror surface.

You may worry about the environment on our planet. The LED lighting around the mirror edges uses energy efficient, long-lasting LED bulbs that radiate a clean, white light color. 

What makes LED Bathroom Mirror special?

bathroom mirror that provide brighter environment

  • Provide brighter environment for bathroom tasks, including puting on make-up; shaving a beard or doing housework.

led bathroom mirror better for makeup

  • Anti-fogging function serviceable, allow the mirror to remain crystal clear even when the bathroom has high humidity and steam from lengthy showers.

adjustable light of bathroom mirror

  • Light intensity and color temperature can be adjusted, you can switch freely according to your needs and peference.

sleek designed bathroom mirror

  • Sleek and modern design, enhances bathroom's aesthetic while providing functional lighting.

What to Consider When Choosing LED Bathroom Mirror?

  • Size of the bathroom mirrors- Determine the measurement for your intended wall space, after measuring the size of your intended room and place, you can check the product details on the website before purchasing.
  • Brightness of the bathroom mirrors- Look at the lumen/watt rating and ensure it provides enough illumination for makeup, shaving, etc.
  • Warranty - Making sure the LED bathroom mirror you intend to buy has reliable warranty policy. A good warranty will cover you if the mirror arrives damaged or stops working properly through no fault of your own within the warranty period. 

Heads Up! Here are Cons to Consider!

Relatively Higher Cost - The upfront cost of an LED mirror is significantly more than a basic mirror. Prices range from $200 on the low end to over $1000 for high-end models with all the bells and whistles. This may not suit all budgets.

Professional installation - Hardwiring is typically required for LED mirrors, so installation is not a simple DIY project. 

Limited in Size - Larger LED mirrors can get very heavy. Extra wall supports may be needed to mount bigger mirrors safely.

Technology issues - Some cheaper models can have problems like flickering lights, speakers stopping working, or fogging issues. Quality varies.

Ready?Recommended LED Bathroom Mirrors are Coming...

First thing first, what's your individual needs? We don't want to buy useless junk. According to the factors mentioned above that need to be considered. Here are some recoomended products for you.


26*18 dimmable led bathroom mirror

26X18 Inch Dimmable LED Bathroom Mirror 

If you only want to buy a LED bathroom mirror that can give you brighter environment, this 26×18 inch dimmable LED bathroom mirror could be your first choice. This is the most cost-effective one, yet still offer you its smooth safety edge design, secure hook. Also, this mirror has 3000K warm white light, 4500K neutral light and 6500K cold light, you can switch freely according to your needs.

32×20 inch anti-fog dimmable mirror

32×20 Inch Anti-fog Dimmable LED Bathroom Mirror

Or, you can choose a anti-fog LED bathroom mirror to meet your makeup needs, and the shaving needs for your roommates. Anti-fog coating prevents mirror fogging up after hot showers, keeping visibility clear for your bathroom tasks. No more waiting for fog to clear. Lighted makeup mirror is made of thick high-definition, environment-friendly and copper-free material, not easy to break, and no UV pollution.

What are You Waiting for?

In short, LED bathroom mirrors provide many desirable benefits like great lighting, defogging technology, and modern aesthetics. For those seeking a high-tech upgrade to their bathroom, the investment can be worthwhile if you choose the right model for your needs and budget.

However, the higher upfront costs mean they are not a necessary purchase for everyone. Carefully weighing the pros and cons can help determine if an LED mirror is a smart addition to your bathroom or not.