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Choosing the Best Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower System

Nov 15,2023 | MONDAWE

Installing ceiling mounted rain shower system is a recently new trends in bathroom design. Imagine, everyday you back to home after work, the stress of deadlines, demanding tasks, and challenging projects lingers in mind. It's a relief to finally arrive home, seeking solace in the simple comforts that offer respite from the relentless grind of the workday.

All you can think about is indulging in a soothing shower to wash away the fatigue. However, the limited range of traditional shower head can't reach every part of you tired body and leaves you feeling disheartened. Yearning for a more fulfilling and rejuvenating experience? Think ceiling mounted rain shower system. Why it is better? How to choose the best one? 

The Distinctive Features of the Ceiling Mounted Shower System

Luxurious Rainfall Experience

Indulge in a spa-like shower experience with a ceiling-mounted rain shower system. Its generous and wide spray pattern creates a gentle downpour, enveloping your entire body, mimicking the soothing sensation of rainfall.

Chic Design

The minimalist design of a ceiling-mounted rain shower system adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Its sleek and seamless appearance blends seamlessly with contemporary aesthetics, creating a visually striking focal point.

full body coverage shower system

20 Inch Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head

Adjustable Water Flow

The adjustable water flow feature allows you to personalize your shower experience according to your preferences. Whether you desire a gentle drizzle or a powerful downpour, you can easily customize the intensity of the water flow to suit your mood.

adjustable angel for new experience

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Ceiling-mounted rain shower systems are designed for easy installation and maintenance. With user-friendly instructions and durable materials, these systems are built to last and require minimal upkeep, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Some shower head are equipped with nozzles that is easy to clean and anti-clogging.

easy maintenance of ceiling mounted shower

Enhanced Relaxation and Stress Relief

The gentle, rain-like shower from above helps to relax your muscles, relieve stress, and promote a sense of tranquility. It creates a therapeutic atmosphere, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate after a long day.

relaxing shower experience

Energy Efficiency

Many ceiling-mounted rain shower systems come equipped with water-saving features, such as flow restrictors or aerators, promoting water conservation without compromising your shower experience. This makes it an environmentally conscious choice.

Customizable Options

From different sizes and shapes to various finishes and materials, ceiling-mounted rain shower systems offer a range of customizable options to match your unique style and bathroom decor. You can choose the perfect combination that complements your personal taste.

Things to Consider First

  • Enough Space For Installation?

Large enough space for installation comes first, you should do it for ensuring proper functionality, ease of use, installation requirements, and overall aesthetics for your future use. It allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of a luxurious and immersive showering experience.

  • Ceiling Mounted Or Wall Mounted?

Generally, shower head for rain-like shower system are installed on the ceiling. However, installing new water pipes on the ceiling of the bathroom can be very expensive and troublesome. Therefore, wall-mounted models are becoming somehow popular.

If you prefer not to install new water pipes on your bathroom ceiling, you can install a wall-mounted shower heads to replace the old ones, with an adjustable arm arched above your head, you can still enjoy the experience of an overhead shower. Alternatively, you can opt for ceiling-mounted rain shower system after considering its installation requirements. I'm sure both of them can offer you a whole new level of showering pleasure.

  • Which Shape?

Shower heads typically come in two shapes: round or square. How should you choose? In fact, you can simply choose based on your personal preference or the existing decor of your bathroom, because aside from the difference in shape, there is no functional distinction between the two types of heads.

Round shower heads are often seen as more traditional and can provide a soft, gentle water flow that creates a relaxing shower experience. They are well-suited for bathrooms with a classic or transitional style.

round shower head for ceiling-mounted shower

On the other hand, square shower heads are considered modern and sleek, often featuring a more defined, rainfall-like water pattern. They are an ideal match for bathrooms with contemporary or minimalist design elements, especially when paired with angular fixtures and fittings.

square shower head for ceiling mounted shower

  • What Other Functions?

What type of spray do you desire from your shower head: a strong, invigorating one or a soft, gentle one? Do you prefer a rainfall-like mist or a cascading waterfall effect? If you live alone, you can simply choose a handheld shower head that suits your personal preference. However, if you need to consider the needs of your family members as well, you can opt for a multi-functional head that can be customized according to each individual's preferences. 

If you want a quicker shopping process with fewer decisions to make, why not just choose a shower head that offers three functions at once? It can provide you with three different sprays, easily meeting various needs.

3-function shower heads

20 Inch Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Head System

Turn On the Shower Mode

Indulge in the ultimate showering experience with a ceiling-mounted rain shower system. Imagine standing beneath a luxurious downpour of warm water, as if you were being enveloped in a tranquil rainforest. The gentle yet invigorating sensation will awaken your senses and invigorate your body.

Before making a purchase, carefully consider the factors mentioned above. I believe that you can find the perfect shower system that perfectly suits your needs. Remember to take into account your preferences for water flow, design style, and functionality.