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The Patio Umbrella Buyers Guide

Mar 17,2023 | MONDAWE

In areas of your yard where there aren't overhead outdoor roofs or awnings-- which might be anywhere or a remote spot-- an umbrella supplies the best service. Patio umbrellas are an essential part of your exterior decor and are among the most wanted outdoor furnishings accessories to complete your patio area's look.It will provide shade precisely where and when you want some while adding a touch of color and a certain flair to your landscape.  Most outdoor umbrellas measure anywhere from 5 to 11 feet in size atop a pole that is positioned into an opening in your outdoor table or is anchored by a weighted umbrella base. Making use of a crank at the top of the pole, you can elevate or lower the cover of the umbrella. Appears quite straightforward. Yet in truth, there are several aspects that you require to take into account when you're searching for a patio umbrella, such as product, size, features, types, as well as price, among others.


Before You Acquire a Patio Umbrella

A patio umbrella provides shade and convenience for family and friends that gather to enjoy the outdoors with each other. Depending upon the type of material it is made with, an umbrella can protect from UV rays, too. Before the heat strikes from those summertime days, if you require one for your yard or table, you could want to begin searching for a patio umbrella, in expectancy of those upcoming outdoor events. Make sure you have an idea of what you want or need in a patio umbrella including the shape, the material it is made with, and how it functions.

Buying Considerations for a Patio Umbrella

  • Assess Your Landscape

Prior to you go shopping for an exterior umbrella, examine the ordinary of landscape, both hardscape, as well as softscape (the garden, or things that expands in the ground and in containers). If the umbrella is to supply shade for an outdoor patio table, measure the table. Many outdoor tables can be found in common sizes, yet you wish to ensure that the canopy will cover your table, specifically if it is a bigger table that seats eight or more. Also, you don't want to buy an umbrella that will subdue your table if it is a smaller table that seats 2 or four.

Below's where assessing your landscape comes into play. Consider:

The location of your outdoor table in regard to your residence's roof or overhang. Will a large patio umbrella-- 10 feet or more-- touch the roof? Ideally, some space should exist in between the roofing system or overhang and also the umbrella.

Where will the umbrella be found in regard to your grill, outdoor kitchen area, or interior cooking area? Let's place it in this manner, you do not desire the umbrella near the open fires of a grill. It's simply not safe. It would additionally interrupt the circulation of website traffic.

  • Size

As mentioned, when it comes to umbrellas, table size matters

Types of Umbrellas

  • Tilting Umbrellas

As the sun moves, the angle changes the projection of the color. This can be an inconvenience. You don't want to play musical chairs and also have everyone rearrange their seats every half an hour simply to stay in the shade. Bright idea, move the umbrella rather than the celebration! A tilting patio area umbrella allows you to change the angle of the umbrella. They're absolutely worth the money.

  • Cantilever Umbrellas

Cantilever Outdoor patio Umbrellas are similar to tiling umbrellas however they provide an increased variety of activities. They are the luxurious variation when it comes to patio area umbrellas. Cantilever umbrellas are the commercial designs used to provide 5-star Hotels. They are incredibly durable as well as with the ability to deal with anything that Mother Nature can toss at them.

Cantilevers are the best alternative for those who want the most effective of the very best. Not just is the base very hefty, but from the structure to the fabric of the umbrella fan is made from heavy-duty products to prevent tearing. Cantilever umbrellas use complete capability, allowing you to relocate your umbrella backward and forwards as well as side to side. The 10 ′ Deluxe Square Cantilever Umbrella is among one the most popular models.

  • Table & Free-Standing Umbrellas

There are tables and free-standing umbrellas. Most tablets use a standard 1.75″ hole for patio umbrellas but it’s always a good idea to check to make sure. 1.75″ is the standard size for Treasure Gardens Umbrellas. Sometimes, umbrella poles are 2″. These work well for dining tables. Free-standing outdoor umbrellas are ideal for poolside furnishings.

  • Ventilation

 Umbrella ventilation is something to consider depending on the climate that you live in. Single airflow umbrellas are the criterion for the majority of umbrellas you'll stumble upon. They allow for average heat dissipation and hold up under average winds. If you stay in an especially windy or warm area, double ventilation is the way to go. The double ventilation enables even more warm dissipation as well as deals with wind better than a single air flow umbrella.

Just How to Measure Patio Umbrella Size
Totally expand your umbrella so all ribs are entirely extended. Procedure from the top of the rib arm to the bottom of the rib arm. This will provide you with the span of the umbrella. Now multiply this measurement by 2 to get the total size of your patio umbrella.

As you can see above, the umbrella “ribs” are the long wood/metal rods that extend from the pole to the edge of the umbrella. Umbrella ribs are used to measure the size of umbrellas.

  • What Size Patio Area Umbrella for 48 ″ Table?
    A 48 ″ table requires an outdoor patio umbrella that is 11 ′.
  • What Dimension Patio Umbrella for 42 ″ Table?
    A 42 ″ table requires a patio umbrella that is 10 ′.
  • What Size Umbrella for 54 ″ Table?
    A 54 ″ table requires an outdoor patio umbrella that is 11 ′ or bigger.
  • Who Makes the very best Outdoor Patio Umbrellas?
    Treasure Yard, Bambrella, California Umbrella, and also Friendliness Rattan make the very best patio umbrellas.
  • Outdoor Umbrella-- Wood vs. Aluminum? 
    Aluminum is extra long-lasting than conventional timber umbrella poles nonetheless, wood uses a greater density so it stays put if you are experiencing high winds. Lightweight aluminum is lightweight, making it easy to move as well as is commonly powder layered to make it rust-resistant. This suggests that you will not need to fret about weather-related degeneration.


 Maintenance of outdoor umbrellas

Your outdoor patio umbrella ought to be maintained clean as well as preserved effectively for it to last.

Tidy the umbrella by opening it up completely, and after that spraying it with water from the yard hose pipe. If there are any kind of stains, examine the manufacturer's treatment guidelines for proper treatment and cleaning of those locations. If the umbrella's structure is filthy, take a clean, damp towel as well as wipe it down fully, bewaring around the devices as well as joints. Mild soapy water can be utilized yet need to be washed with water afterward.

Throughout the season, whenever it is not in use, your patio area umbrella ought to be kept closed. Unexpected winds or hefty weather can harm the umbrella. Some umbrellas have a cover that can be placed over them to prolong their life and maintain them out of the sun's rays. Ensure that the patio umbrella is completely dry prior to putting a cover on.

When it's time to put the patio furniture and umbrella away for the upcoming colder months, make sure everything is clean and dry, and store the patio umbrella in an upright position in a garage or storage shed.


Judith King
Jun 22,2023
And I just received my order of your umbrella your 15 foot umbrella, I know that’s a diameter of the post is 1.9. That’s a little bit too big for the hole that And I just received my order of your umbrella your 15 foot umbrella, I know that the diameter of the post is 1.9. That’s a little bit too big for the hole that I have. I need it a little bit smaller. I did order the 15 foot solar. Is there any post on the bottom of the two pieces of the post to where it can come a little bit smaller so it can fit through my table and where it can still work with the solar panel. I just need a little bit smaller and it would fit. Thank you.
Darlene Marie Saenz
Jun 22,2023
Mondawe # MON2773 Hello, we just finished putting up our 15 x 9 umbrella. There is a chain hanging from the middle pole at the top by the light. It is not listed on instructions. What is it for?? Also, how do you keep the umbrella from spinning? It keeps turning with the slightest breeze. We are disappointed that there are two small holes in the canvas of the umbrella. I took pictures incase you need. Lastly, we are thinking of ordering a patio table from you because the one we have will not fit the umbrella. What are the chances of getting the table without damage? Thank you Darlene Saenz 512-810-0704