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Choosing furniture for cottages and gardens

Jun 17,2022 | MONDAWE

A beautiful garden or summer cottage is the pride of its owners.

After all the preparatory work is done, the beds are dug up, and the flowers are planted, you want not only to relax after a hard day but also to invite friends and family to admire the resulting beauty.
The final touch of the design of your garden can be the purchase of garden furniture.

In addition to visual appeal, garden furniture must meet three criteria: strength, corrosion resistance, and ease of movement.

The most popular furniture for a cottage is wooden.It is very durable and naturally fits into the surrounding surroundings.

Such furniture is great for a home or veranda but outdoors will become unusable within one season. To prolong its service life, the wood is varnished or waxed. In this case, it will last much longer. Wooden furniture is very durable and resistant. The most durable types of wood are teak, larch, and balau. They are not subject to fading in the sun, drying out, and rotting.

The second most popular is wicker and rattan furniture. It is much lighter than wood. In addition, it is distinguished by delicacy and grace.

The principle of manufacturing such furniture is that natural or artificial rattan or wicker is “weaved” onto a rattan, metal, plastic, or wooden frame. The cheapest and at the same time moderately attractive outwardly option is a frame braided with a thin unskinned rod, not exceeding 0.5 centimeters in diameter. A more practical option should be braided with a thick sanded rod covered with furniture varnish. The varnish protects the surface from moisture, so you can safely wash such products and not worry about their safety if they accidentally left them outside in the rain.

Aluminum products are considered to be an unusually beautiful option for garden furniture. It is durable and does not require special care.

Such furniture will help create a romantic atmosphere and add charm to the garden. A novelty in the garden market is the combination of a cast iron frame and a wooden seat. Such furniture fits perfectly into any surroundings thanks to the combination of two valuable materials. The design is very strong and durable, but at the same time, such products are quite heavy. Therefore, they are ideal for supporters of the classics and pragmatism.

By placing such furniture in your garden, you do not have to think about how often to change its location. On the other hand, if you like changes and lead a dynamic lifestyle, it is better to opt for lighter models.

The most affordable and lightest garden furniture is plastic. Its popularity is due to its unpretentiousness to environmental conditions, ease of transportation, and rich color palette.Only plastic furniture can be of almost any color.

In addition, plastic is much cheaper than other materials. Reinforced plastic can last much longer than conventional plastic and is less affected by the sun.