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2022 Best Outdoor Patio dining tables with umbrella holes|Mondawe

Jul 11,2022 | MONDAWE

In the summer, The sun is a natural light source and it can be used to provide heat and light to our homes. If the sun is shinning outside, then it might be high time to grab your umbrella, sunscreen and a refreshing is good to have a table with dual functions. It can be used not only for drinks and food but also as a sun umbrella base.

Not to mention, it will also provide a space to put your feet up and enjoy the summer outdoors.The modern umbrella stand is made of metal and includes a top with two shelves. The bottom has two tiers that can be used for drinks or food.Durable and rust free, this metal stand is a great investment for the outdoors. It features a 22 inch diameter top with shelves and storage at the bottom. 

This table is a great choice for those who want a table that is easy to clean. It has a reserved umbrella hole on the tabletop, which is perfect for those who are looking for an outdoor patio furniture set. It is made of PE rattan and steel to ensure sturdiness and durability.

It is made of PE rattan and steel which makes it very durable. The table is light in weight and easy to move around.You can take it with you whenever you want, leaving room for an extra table to bring convenience to your journey.

In addition to camping, you can also imagine another scene, lying comfortably on the sofa, drinking cocktails by the pool, and spending a summer to the fullest.

You have a variety of choices, choose the most suitable product according to the style of your garden.

So how to choose?

Available space
Before you buy cutlery, you should first determine the shape and size of the area you want to set up. Ideally, the dimensions of the table should match the space available.

The right garden decoration can enhance the look of your patio or garden.

If you want to create a pleasant atmosphere for a small gathering, then a square or round table is the best choice, stylish and small

There are many types of materials for outdoor dining tables, which should be selected according to the location where you place them. When it is placed outdoors and exposed to sunlight and rain, it is best to choose durable rattan or metal, and ensure that the surface is coated.

Umbrella hole
When buying, you should also pay attention to whether the hole on the table matches the diameter of your umbrella. If the umbrella hole on the table is too small, don't consider it.

When the table umbrella hole is large, there is an adjustable knob at the bottom.

2022 Best Outdoor tables with umbrella holes